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We are proud Master Agent of Telebirr


An agent will receive a15 Birr bonus for each successful customer registration when the customer makes the first transaction such as deposit cash or purchase airtime.

Deposit Cash

Agents are required to take cash deposits from customers and deposit equivalent amount of e-money into customers’ TeleBirr accounts.

Withdrawal Cash

Agents are required to process cash withdrawal requests for registered TeleBirr customers. .

Air Time Top Up

Top up an Ethiotelecom Air time with TeleBirr and get 15% bonus

TeleBirr Mela

Bank services for all. Loan service from TeleBirr
.TeleBirr mela.
.TeleBirr Sanduq.
.TeleBirr Endeqese.

Customer Educate

Educate customers about the service after successful registration

Pay for Good and Services

Scan and pay for the goods you purchased & services you get anywhere, anytime.

Bulk Payment

Easily pay employees salary or other bulk payments on the go 24/7

International Remittance

Conveniently receive money via your mobile number sent from your loved ones living abroad

Lets get to work together


  1. Tax Identification Number(TIN).
  2. Trade License .

    If you Fulfill the above requirements….

     get in touch with us


Frequently Asked Questions

  • telebirr is a digital cash that enables you access a variety of financial services at ease, with convenience at the tip of your fingers using your mobile phone without the need to have a bank account.
  • It enables cashless payments, which reduces dependency on cash and allows tracking of transaction records. This increases financial security and reduces inherent risks of cash handling such as loss, theft or fraud.
  • telebirr platform is accessible via most basic mobile phones.
  • It helps you purchase goods & services online

Airtime is used to purchase only telecom services, whereas telebirr e-money is a payment instrument that can be used to effect telecom and non-telecom payments, send and receive money, and many other things.

  • Visit telebirr mobile app to discover the location of the nearest agent to your whereabouts.
  • Look for our nearest shops all over the country branded telebirr agents around.
  • Inquire the nearby ethio telecom shops.
  • Yes, you can contact our contact center, send your transaction ID and our team will reverse the transaction within 48 hours. 

Please find here sample short message from telebirr with transaction ID: 8E320N1XB4

  • You can also reverse by yourself, if you send the transaction ID to our telebirr dedicate short code within 30 seconds.
  • Reversal is possible if the amount is available in the account of the other party.
  • Reversal can be done in the following scenario, too:
    • If transfer is made to a wrong number
    • If transfer is done with wrong amount, for the right number.
    • If wrong payment amount is made for bill & airtime
    • If wrong payment is made for a merchant in purchasing of goods/services
      • by contacting the merchant/trader.
      • telebirr will play a facilitation role between the merchant and telebirr customer for the reversal.
      • Yet only the merchant can reverse the transaction.
  • telebirr agents are partners that are authorized by ethio telecom to deliver telebirr services to our esteemed customers by fulfilling the required profile set by the National Bank of Ethiopia.
  • Agents educate and register customers, make deposit and withdrawal activities.
  • They also sell airtime, pay bills, transfer money for unregistered customers and other activities on behalf of the customer.
  • Agents will get paid commissions for all the services/transactions they provide to customers.
  • You can deposit cash to your telebirr account by:
    • Visiting the nearest 800 Shops around your city,
    • Transferring from your linked bank account.
  • Withdrawal of cash can be done:


  • Visiting the nearest 800 Shops around your city,
  • Customers can dial *127# or use telebirr App “cash out/withdrawal’’ function from the menu/list of telebirr services.
  • Then enter agent’s ID number /scanning QR code from which cash is to be collected followed by the amount of money to be withdrawn followed by PIN to confirm the amount to be withdrawn.
  • Then We will give the cash after receiving the electronic money from you.
  • Cash-out charge will be applied based on the transaction value range
  • telebirr will deduct/charge a service fee from your account.
  • You can also generate a voucher code with a specified amount, give /tell the agent and agent will provide you physical cash in return.
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