EVD Dealer APP Do’s and Don’ts

The following points are important to follow when using Hidasie Telecom dealer app. Not following the guidelines may result in unnecessary issues that may affect the Dealer.

  • Do not uninstall Hidasie Telecom Dealer app without any reason. If there is a need to uninstall the app first makes sure all offline pins are sold out. Otherwise you will be losing all your offline balance.
  • Do not ask your agent to create more than one account using one phone number. You will not be able to login to the dealer app, if there are multiple duplicate accounts using the same phone number
  • When your order is approved makes sure the quantity you ordered are the same as the quantity you got.
  • When you print make sure the blue light in the Bluetooth printer is on.
  • Before you start printing 20 pins at a time try to print one pin so as to check the app is properly connected with the printer properly
  • Always make sure and count the printed papers are the same as what you ordered for print. E.g. If you order 20 pins to be printed, make sure 20 of them are printed properly before passing to the next print.
  •  In the previous step, if some pins are not printed out, go to the history page and print them one by one till you get all the jumped pins printed out
  • When you order 20 pins to be printed and the printer stopped working at the middle, like after printing 5 or so, it means you have printed a lot before and you have to clean-up the old printed pins by removing them using the remove sold history button
  • Make sure the settings of the date and time of your phone is set to the current date and time. If not set properly you may not be able to login as the server time and the time in your phone are out of sync
  • Make sure to secure your pin code. Do not share it with other people. If you think someone saw you while using it, you have to always change the pin code.
  • If you face any issue related to the app, ask for support before you take your own action such as uninstalling the app.
  • Do not order more than you can sell. It is not a good idea to have a lot of offline pins in your phone. Simply have stock that you are sure you will sell in a day or two and then order again when you have finished what you had before.
  • Do not register under two or more different agents using the same phone number. Only one is enough.
  • If you notice some numbers are not visible in the printed paper it means the printer is getting dirty and you have to clean it gently with your hands or ask for support.
  • Make sure the printer has enough battery before you start printing
  • Do not start printing if you hear a beep sound from the printer. It means either there is no paper inside or the printer is about to finish its battery
  • Always make sure there is enough paper inside the printer before sending print request
  • If the printer is not connected to your phone check the location button is on and all permissions are granted.

Hidasie Telecom EVD Application HOWTO Video Links:

  • Click the link to find out how you can fix Bluetooth printer font size