Call for EOI

Call for International Expression of Interest (EOI)

Hidassie Telecom S.C.(HT)


Hidassie Telecom S.C. is an emerging company in the telecom sector mainly distributing telecom products and services including distribution and wholesale of voucher cards for mobile phones airtime, SIM cards, mobile phones, CDMA, solar home systems and the likes. The company is also engaged in installation of secondary telecom infrastructure and other types of activities . HT is a company with over 880 (Eight Hundred Eighty) sales outlets all over Ethiopia with thousands of sales force.


Hidassie Telecom S.C is planned to establish feature and smart mobile phones assembly plant/factory. For this, HT is looking for local or international manufacturer and /or supplier or smart and feature mobile phones‘SKD components with accessories. Interested manufacturers/suppliers must provide proof indicating that they have been engaged in a similar business over the past years.

We do not require technical and financial proposals at this stage. We only look for Expression of interests to participate in the upcoming bid. Based on their expression of interest, qualified manufacturers and /or suppliers will be shortlisted and receive notification about further procurement step decided by the company.

Manufacturers /Suppliers Selection Criteria

As part of the due diligence, the inviting company may undertake a visit to the factories and offices of the applying firms after evaluating the submitted EOIs.

In the EOIs to be provided by the manufacturers and /or supplies, the selection criteria listed below shall be discussed in details;

  • Organizational profile including but not limited to past performance, technical capability, organizational competence, financial capacity with supporting documents;

  • Detailed information and specification of the mobile phones’ SKD components they manufacture/supply together with other relevant product and service information;

  • The form and mode of business relationship that the applying firm prefer for the engagement (e.g. Supplier to Assembler, JV, local partnership, etc)

  • Products Branding Options and Preferences with clear justification (e.g. manufacturer/Supplier’s Brand, Co-Branding with HT, Acceptance of HT’s own Branding, etc)

  • The applying firm’s competences ,commitment and conditions with regard to :

  • Plan, design, commissioning, test, and manufacture of the assembling plant,

  • The assembling machinery, equipment and SKD components mode of procurement including suggestions

  • Local value addition options,

  • General Terms of Trade,

  • Products marketing and Sales Support,

  • Technical support including training and the provision of Key Technical Personnel with terms

  • After Sales Services, Warranty, Guarantee, Spare Parts Provisions Options and the likes.

  • Local manufacturers are required to provide renewed business license for 2019/20 GC and other appropriate documentary evidences demonstrating the firm’s compliance, which shall include:-

  • Trading license renewed for 2011 EFY; and

  • Tax Clearance Certificate, which states that the firm can participate in any public tender, valid at date of submission and VAT Registration Certificate.

  • Registration as supplier in the list of the mandated public body, i.e. public procurement and property Agency (PPPAA) website,

  • Other relevant documents to the EOI.

Application Procedures

  1. Interested applicants are required to submit their EOIs with hard copy to the address indicated below in English on or before June, 30/2019 GC either in person or through the mailbox.

  2. It is also mandatory to specify the name and address of the supplier including geographical address, contact emails, mobile and landline phone numbers and P.O. Box on the EOIs.

  3. HT reserves a right to accept or reject or require compliance to additional conditions as and when short listing the qualified vendors.

  4. Further information can be obtained calling or in person from the below address.


Hidasie Telecom S.C, Sierra Leone Ave. Kirkos Subcity, Temenjayaje behind Bemenet Restaurant, Menmak Building 3rd floor, Office number 13, P.O.Box 13149,Office phone number +251114653711,+251114664662, Fax:+251114663649.