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Services and Product

We offers good product  and services for your business, a good together as its practice.

Air Time & SIM Card Distribution

We have been in the airtime distribution business for over 12years.


Discover solar products to fit your needs, from reliable residential panels to industry-leading high-power modules.

Bulk SMS/ 8520

A business model where businesses send promotional SMS messages to a large number of customers at once.

Mobile Devices

Discover mobile products to fit your needs.

Our Services


Call Center

A centralized department that handles inbound and outbound calls from current and potential customers

Tele Birr Services

A mobile payment and digital wallet service by Ethiotelecom that lets customers make different financial transactions using their phones.

Garage Services

Conduct routine maintenance
Diagnostics and fix vehicle problems

Cleaing Sevices

We are dedicated to provide our clients with the most efficient and affordable cleaning services.

Join the Digital World Now!

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Those who want to benefit from the growing telecom and technology sector in our country Individuals and organizations can buy shares of our company and share in the profits inviting us

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Latest Updates

Board Election Certified Candidates

The directors selection committee first announced in various media and distributed a recommendation form to all branches of the stock company from July 15, 2023 to October 10, 2023. Bylaws and guidelines for recommendation and selection by the board of directors.

National Ethiotelecom's Products Distributor

Ethio Telecom has announced that they have partnered with Seven national distributors to expand their product and service range

Share for Sale

Our company to take advantage of the growing telecom and technology market in the country By deciding to increase the capital to make it possible, the price of each share is…….

HT 2023 GA Meeting

The 11th Regular General Assembly of Hidasie Telecom SC held on December 22, 2015 at the former Global Hotel (currently Ethiopia Hotel No. 2……..

HQ New Bldg

Hidasie Telecom plan to build a headquarters building on the land purchased by Lease around 22 area roundabouts

Grand Micro Finance Found

Grand micro finance has launched. It is a financial institution providing financial services.

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Why You Choice Us

HidasieTelecom S.Co Association was founded by shareholders who have a lot of experience in the work And in the field of telecom and technology products and services in the last ten years in our country It is a company that has a large market share in all parts of the country

We identify our clients’ needs through detailed discussions and assessments of their business. We have the flexibility and experience to quickly identify existing and emerging risks which need urgent attention in today’s uncertain business world.

11 Years Experience

5 Star Rating

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